3 Reasons Why You Should Still Get A Server Even Though Everything Is In The Cloud

Despite all the attention that cloud computing is getting, we still encounter scenarios that offer a few good reasons why having an in-house server still makes sense for business:

1) User Authentication & Network Management

If you organization still depends on a fixed desktop environment, then you'll still need to. For security purposes it still makes sense to ensure that the people using computers in your office are authorized to do so. An onsite server is still your best bet to centrally manage and maintain your desktop environment, and ensure proper access to shared network resources like printers

2) Fast and accessible local storage

This notion of having all your data stored in the cloud is a great, especially if you work mostly with documents, spreadsheets and other small files. For companies such as marketing agencies and production studios that work regularly with larger files, nothing beats having quick local or network based access to their data. In situations like that Invizio recommends that you mix local storage with a safe offsite cloud backup solution. Another advantage here is that you can still work with your data, even if Internet access is unavailable.

3) The Cost

Despite the mainstream messaging that the cloud will save you money, this does not apply to everyone. If your organization is less concerned with capital expenditure, and more concerned with cash flow, then you may wish to avoid the recurring expense of a having a hosted cloud infrastructure.

In summary, the cloud isn't yet for every type and size of organization. For using web-based software applications, the cloud is definitely the way to go.

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