This Blog Post Why Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Really Matter

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This blog post has been brought to you by the terms 'Business Continuity' and 'Disaster Recovery'.

Just a heads up, These past few weeks have been some of the more interesting weeks for us here at Invizio primarily for the.

Some of the events that have brought the topic of disaster recovery and continuity on my mind. Last week a hosted VoIP vendor that a number of our customers was affected by an outage that lasted a full business day. From 9 AMto 5 PM that day, they could not make or receive calls. Imagine the loss of business this resulted, moreover the hassle and disruption of the outage. A client who has been running on an aged infrastructure runs their email in a convoluted combination of an offsite we mail and in-house email server. Their onsite server went down, taking with it their communication ability and their employee morale. I attended a disaster recovery event at Colohouse sponsored by DataCorp software. They make pretty high tech storage virtualization software, but the idea is the same, protect your data. The passage of Hurricane Sandy and the havoc it as caused, has definitely had cloud infrastructure vendors whipped up into a frenzy, but it definitely underscores the basic point.

In 2012, no business should go out of business because of a catastrophic data loss, and furthermore no business should suffer major losses because it did not invest in the contingencies to maintain its operations. Redundancy Failover Business continuity really speaks more to your organizations ability to continue operating in the event of a disaster scenario which affects your modus operandi, or in other words, "the way you normally do things" So rather than launch into a diatribe into various technology solutions, I encourage you to ask a few questions to evaluate your readiness for a

1) if you had been hit by Hurricane Sandy and your server found itself. Would your data be backed up to a location? How quickly could you get your data restored? What would be the economic impact to your organization

2) do you have a documented plan if action for restoring your systems and applications? Are your employees aware if these procedures?

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