Invizio Tech Round Up: Jan 17 – 23, 2011

Happy New Year to all our faithful clients, friends and partners. We’re starting a new series here on the Invizio blog called ‘Technology Round Up’ to recap last week’s happenings in technology that made us pause and take note. Think of this your opportunity to peer into our minds as we share our thoughts on some of the latest industry developments. Without further ado, welcome to our first installment of Tech Round Up.

Google Voice

Google Voice To Support Porting Your Number

As an avid Google Voice user and someone who still hasn’t quite figured out how to stop all my clients from calling my cellphone, this is a big deal. For $20 Google will allow users to port their existing cellphone number to their service and have it live on in the cloud. The only caveat is you’ll need to keep some form of phone service to make it work.

// via Mashable

Cure For Cancer Goes Missing on Stolen Laptop

This one was forwarded to me by a friend and simply underscores the case for backing up your data. You may not be working on anything as earth shattering as the cure for cancer, but having a frequent data backup whether onsite or offsite could certainly change your life (and that of others).

// via News 9 (Oklahoma)

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Introduces OneNote iPhone App

In an obvious move to extend the relevance of Microsoft Office into the Mac market, Microsoft released Microsoft Office OneNote for iPhone this past week. It’s not as fully featured as the desktop or web app versions, but for a limited time they’re offering it up for free giving users the ability to create and organize notes. As competition heats up in the office suite space, I expect that Microsoft may introduce other Office apps for iPhone or at least provide mobile ready web apps when it launches Office 365 later this year. Check out the Microsoft OneNote iPhone app here.

// via PC World Business Center

Time to Double Check Your Cell Phone Bill

If you’re wireless provider is Sprint you may want to make a mental note that Sprint will be raising the price of their 3G data plan by $10. Right now this only applies if you upgrade or activate another smartphone but eventually the price you pay for data is going up. See more details here.

AT&T is also making some changes that may affect your monthly bill. Among other things, they’re changing the text messaging plans they’re offering and raising the fee activating a line on a family plan from $10 to $36. Get all of the changes here.

// via Sprint & Engadget

Invizio Launches The MissingPiece℠ IT Infrastructure Management Plan

Miami, FL – September 15, 2008 – Invizio LLC a company that specializes in providing information technology (IT) services for small to medium-size South Florida businesses, announced today the launch of The MissingPiece℠, it’s new IT service plan that promises businesses all the benefits of a fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost.

“We are very proud to offer South Florida businesses this opportunity,” said Kevin V. Michael, CEO, Invizio. “Many small businesses struggle to manage their own IT environments or to go through the hassle and expense of bringing someone on staff to get the job done. With The MissingPiece℠ they have an external IT team that works everyday to maintain the reliability of their IT assets and reduce the ongoing cost of IT management.”

The MissingPiece℠ is offered as a monthly service plan that includes a buffet of much needed IT services for the small business market. The key feature of Invizio’s The MissingPiece℠ is the proactive maintenance that it provides. Mr. Michael also pointed out that “Most business owners are used to calling in IT services when things break and then they get hit with a bill they didn’t expect. Our service consistently maintains systems to avert unexpected IT emergencies before they happen and allows business owners to budget for IT more effectively”.

“The recent passage of hurricanes Ike and Gustav have reminded us that being prepared for a disaster is not an option for small businesses,” says Kyle Hurst, CTO, Invizio. “So we designed the MissingPiece to include an offsite data backup and recovery component that will aid businesses in securing critical data and getting back on their feet should their business be affected by a storm.”

Other notable components of The MissingPiece℠ include a 24/7 support desk for business owners and their employees, network monitoring and full management of computer and network security. “Our goal is to provide all of these services to our clients remotely with little interference or intrusion, and in the event that a system fails we’re never more than a phone call away”, added Mr. Hurst.

The MissingPiece℠ plan is available immediately. For additional information on Invizio, LLC and The MissingPiece℠ contact Kevin Michael or visit

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