3 Ways Invizio Makes IT Easy for Nonprofits

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The number one reason we like working with nonprofit organizations is because we like to support good people doing good work for society. We love technology, so one of the ways we can make a social impact is by supporting organizations that have boots on the ground. We’ve been working with nonprofits for over 10 years and here are the top three concerns we help nonprofits, like yours, address with our Managed IT Services. Let us help you with…

Streamlining Operations

Most nonprofits aren’t 100% staffed by technology gurus. Your nonprofit is probably powered by community organizers, attorneys, program coordinators, fundraisers and so many more people who are mission-driven and focused on your organisation’s objectives. While this is great for your missions' outcomes, we’ve found that we’ve first been able to deliver value by helping you get a handle on your IT operations. Do you know which computers are owned by the organization or who’s using a personal laptop? Are you sharing files from Rebecca’s Dropbox account that’s linked to her personal Gmail account? These are just some of the challenges we’ve encountered and helped nonprofits like yours navigate. Streamlining your IT operations helps you and your team be more efficient, cost-effective and secure. Let us help you with…

Technology Discounts

Whether your operational budget is $10K or $10M you need to make the right decisions so that as much of those funds go towards executing your mission. We are partnered with solution providers that support nonprofits not just with their words but with their prices. We can work with you to ensure you’re getting nonprofit discounts where available and maximizing the use of your resources. That might mean discounts on laptops or software licenses and we both know that for nonprofits every dollar matters, and that’s why it’s also important to be as efficient as possible with the way your organization works. Let us help you with…

IT Security

You have to prioritize the cybersecurity of your organization to make sure that the information you hold, and exchange is secure. We can help you make sure that you have the right policies, and technology in place to minimize your risk profile and to ensure that your people, who are your first line of defense, know how to protect themselves and their data. We have solutions to help keep email secure, protect your computers and network from cyber threats and protect your data. You may even have more stringent security requirements imposed by donors or grant funders, we can help you navigate those requirements and implement them. 

Solutions are coming online every day to support nonprofits with program execution or development activities and we are always happy to just chat about what you may be thinking about doing next. We love working with nonprofits and supporting positive social impact. If you have any questions or just want to chat about technology, please reach out to us on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/invizio-llc/) or email us at solutions@invizio.com. Let us help you.

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